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Kerala Motor Vehicles Department:  MVD Kerala provides you all vehicle details, this portal is created for the public to track motor vehicle details online by entering vehicle number. We provide you vehicle owner details/address/number and ownership details from RTO Kerala. The E-Governance India provide all services regarding MVD Kerala motor vehicle details. The Kerala government of Kerala provides all services with the help of national information center NIC.  Motor Vehicles Department, Kerala is maintained huge database of motor vehicle details. All the details are stored safely under governance department Kerala.

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The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 prohibits the driving of a motor vehicle in any public place or in any other place without registering it. It is essential that the particulars of every vehicle and its owner should be available in the concerned department or office of Government and that the vehicle should be distinguishable from other vehicles by sight. The registration mark should be displayed in specified places and in a specified manner.
Application for registration shall be made to the registering authority in whose jurisdiction the applicant resides or carriers the vehicle is normally kept.

kerala motor vehicle owner details will provide you owner details just with one click, just enter the important details such as vehicle number and registration area number. Note: We are not responsible for any damages to individuals or organizations.  Miss use of this data causes imprisonment up to 1 year. Please enter the details carefully.

Detailed guide/steps/procedure to get mvd Kerala vehicle details

  1. In the first box enter  vehicle register number eg:  KL-01-AA-7889
  2. In the second box enter Enter Chassis Number (last 5 digits)
  3. After entering all the details press Get Button.

Latest news About Kerala MVD

Fast Track Counters
Fast Track counters introduced in all Regional and Sub Regional Transport Offices to provide faster and better services to the citizens through a single visit disposal. Selected services will be rendered through this counter to the applicants appearing personally. For more details please read Circular No. 03/2010.
One Time Tax Settlement introduced
One time tax settlement introduced for Autorickshaws, Motor Cars and Motor Cycles which have tax arrears for 5 years or more for a period up to 31.03.2010. The last date for payment of tax is 30.09.2010. The rate of tax is given below:
♦Motor Cars – Rs. 3000/-     ♦Motor Cycles – Rs. 800/-     ♦Autorickshaws – Rs. 1200/-
Please see Government Order – G.O. (P) No. 42/2010/Tran dated 24.04.2010
Information Services through SMS introduced
Department has started providing essential information services through Short Message Service under M-Governance platform. The public can send SMS in the prescribed format to 53725/537252. Please see the brochure for more details.
Circular No. 02/2010 stayed by the Honourable High Court of Kerala 
Circular No. 02/2010 regarding decentralization of All India Tourist Taxi Permits through the online process has been stayed by the Honourable High Court of Kerala. The applications for AITT permits shall be forwarded as before by speed post to the Secretary, STA, Thiruvananthapuram.
New Bus fares with effect from 08/03/2010
In G.O. (P) No. 15/2010/Tran dated 06.08.2010 (S.R.O. No. 222/2010), Government have revised the bus fares and the new bus fares shall come into effect from 00.00 hours on 08.03.2010 onwards. The minimum fares for various classes of Stage Carriages are as follows:
Ordinary/Moffusil services including City/Town Services/City Fast – Rs.4.00
Fast Passenger/Limited Stop Fast Passenger services – Rs.5.00
Super Fast services – Rs. 10.00
Super Express services – Rs. 15.00
Super Deluxe/Semi Sleeper services – Rs. 20.00
Luxury/Hi-Tech Services/Air conditioned – Rs. 30.00
Volvo services – Rs. 30.00
For more details, please see Government Order.
Autorickshaw and Taxi fares revised with effect from 15/03/2010
In G.O. (P) No. 18/2010/Tran dated 12.03.2010 (S.R.O. No. 254/2010), Government have revised the fares for Autorickshaws and Motor Cabs. The new rates shall come into effect from 15/03/2010 onwards.
Autorickshaws – Minimum hire charge – Rs. 10 to 1.25 km.
Motor Cabs – Rs. 7.50 per km
For more details, please see Government Order.
Compounding Fee revised
Government vides G.O. (P) No. 14/2010/Tran dated 02.03.2010 (S.R.O. No. 221/2010) have revised the compounding fee for offenses for violation of various sections under the Motor Vehicles Act & Rules. For more details, please see the Government Order.
Fake High-Security Registration Plates – Public Notice
Many agencies in Kerala are manufacturing and selling look-alike High-Security Registration Number Plates. It is also noticed that many vehicles are fitted with such number plates. The Department hereby informs that High-Security Registration Number Plates have not yet been implemented in the State. For more details click here to see the press release and posters.
Note: This process works only for Kerala state vehicles, other states must contact We also provide aadhaar card details and passport status. In case if you get any errors while viewing vehicle details, submit your vehicle number in a comment form. Bulk number submission will not be accepted.  Follow the below-given format to access Kerala motor vehicle details.

Format: Vehicle number <space> Your Email Id 

Second Way: Enter your vehicle details in a comment section, Details will be mailed to you.